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CRISPR-Cas based Diagnostics

Get acquainted with our lab developed CRISPRDx - FELUDA

What is the principle of FELUDA based detection?

FELUDA (FnCas9 Editor Linked Uniform Detection Assay uses CRISPR-Cas technology for detection of SARS-CoV2 specific genes. FnCas9 protein is guided by a gRNA which recognizes viral genes that leads to binding of a gRNA-FnCas9 complex to the viral genes if present in the patient sample. The visualization of this binding happens by using a paper strip that captures the complex and gives rise to a colored test band.

How accurate are the test results with FELUDA? How does it compare with other similar tests?

The sensitivity of FELUDA based strip test is 96% and specificity is 98%. While the Real Time PCR test, which is the gold standard has similar accuracy, but the antigen tests have a sensitivity and specificity of less than 70%. FELUDA uses catalytically dead version of FnCas9, but there are similar CRISPR based tests around the world (SHERLOCK and DETECTR) that use catalytically active Cas proteins.

How is it more effective than Real Time-PCR based tests?

Real Time PCR requires not just costly equipment and reagents but also the technical expertise to perform the reaction. With FELUDA, the need for technical expertise is minimal and no requirement of expensive equipment, making it an easy to perform, point of care test. It thus saves space, time and money.

Will I be able to do a self-diagnosis using FELUDA based kit?

We are in the process of developing a Do-it-yourself/at-home detection kit, but at the moment the answer is no and you will have to visit your doctor or testing center to get yourself tested.

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Understanding the FELUDA chemistry

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